Please note, Chicken are not available.
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Company Overview

Business Overview:

Taaza Gosht, as the name, suggests we are offering clean and hygienic meat products such as beef, mutton, and chicken categories for your healthy future. Taaza Gosht is a modern meat processing business that will meet your needs for fresh, slaughtered halal meat in a sanitary and healthy setting. Our shop is packed and constructed to hold dust and flies away from the fresh meat. We have found a way to serve you!

Our primary mission is to ensure our customer's safety without any compromise. We are dedicated to your care, therefore providing outstanding services for outstanding you. We promise to deliver the best quality meat whose every bite brings deliciousness and juicy flavor that will give delight to your taste buds. So, Sharia-compliant halal & hygienic meat is available at affordable competitive rates at your doorsteps for your ease and convenience.

  • Dedicated Team

    Work-commitment and dedication to providing fresh meat can be seen everywhere at Taaza Gosht. Each meat package undergoes stringent quality checking to ensure the freshness and hygienic quality of the meat.

  • Fast Service

    Just give us your order. We will be there to deliver the finest quality meat of your choice in your desired quantity. Yes, we are fast to serve quality meat in standard & germs-free packaging.

  • 24/7 Support

    In case of any query related to meat categories, order tracking, or other related information, our 24/7 customer-friendly support services are always available to solve your problems & answer your questions.